Big Wave Surfing Maui

Big Wave Surfing Maui

Last week, Hawai’i got hit by a series of large swells, thanks to a good friend of mine Mr. Frank Forbes, I had the opportunity to view Pe’ahi, also known as Jaws, (I personally prefer the name Pe’ahi) from the front row. I got the call the day before that Frank would have an opening on his ski and would be happy to take me out to take pictures. I have been waiting almost 13 years for such an opportunity. Getting to Pe’ahi these days is a crowded affair, people on the cliffs are lining up by the hundreds and if you like to see the wave from a Jet Ski you have to have proper certification and permits. I did obtain the State of Hawaii Tow License a while ago just for this particular moment.

From the boat ramp it is a good 30 minute ride (under good conditions) to Pe’ahi. We launched the ski at first light and made our way out to the spot in glassy conditions. The swell was running at 17 Seconds – 10 Feet that morning. We witnessed some amazing open ocean swells on the way there as we came across some outer reefs on Mauis North Shore.

Once at the spot, there were already quite a few boats and jet skis. Frank and I spent the entire morning into early after noon out there and witnessed some of the most amazing barrel rides right from the shoulder of this massive wave. The conditions were pretty much perfect as there was almost no wind in the line up. Guys were able to take off paddling in as Stand Up Surfers or regular surfers.

I am happy to share some of the amazing rides Frank and I witnessed that day.

Enjoy Your Ride!

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