Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series – The Maui Challenge 2014


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Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series – The Maui Challenge 2014


Matt Corder chasing Josh Weisfeld

That had to be the best race yet! 20 Longboard Racers from Maui, Oahu, the Big Island, Australia and the US-Mainland came to Maui this weekend for the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series tour stop „The Maui Challenge 2014″. The boys were racing hard, on a not all that easy race course. The start was right before a sharp left hand turn going into a tricky long stretch of several smaller turns before heading at full speed into a sharp and steep right-hander shortly before the finish line.

Zach Newman and Dakota Camp (both Team Iliffe Truck Co.) did a good job organizing the race. The final was between Zach and Longboard Pro Matt Kienzle, who is a part time resident here on Maui. After a tight race it was Matt who had a good lead over Zach and came across the finish line +/- 8 Seconds before Zach.

Everybody was super stocked on the race and despite some hard carshes no one go hurt.

See you next year.

Top Results

1. Matt Kienzle
2. Zach Newman
3. KJ Nakenelua
4. Michael Morris


Finalists:Zach Newman and Matt Kienzle

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