Maui Shred Jam this time in rain and fog


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Maui Shred Jam this time in rain and fog


Sansom looking forward to try his new JUCKER HAWAII „Mahalo“ Downhill Board

This weekend was the 2nd Maui Shred Jam high up on the slopes of Haleakala. The turn out this weekend was much better than at the first Maui Shred Jam back in March but unfortunately the weather was not playing along this time. Even way up almost at the tree line, it was cloudy and rained off and on… actually mostly on. But that did not bother Maui’s die hard Longboarders who were going hard in the slide jam. Bill Iliffe and I were also heading up there, as Bill sponsored some of his new ILIFFE TRUCK Co. T-Shirts. There were great prices to win and we also supported the race with a grand price: Local boy Sansom Wells took second place and won our JUCKER HAWAII Downhill Longboard the Mahalo. The slide jam in the rain sure was not an easy thing but the guys were going hard.

Check out our gallery from past Saturday, feel free to share the pictures. Photo Credit please @jucker_hawaii or #juckerhawaii

Already looking forward to the next one.




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