Surf season in full swing in Hawaii


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Surf season in full swing in Hawaii


Going toe-side…

While we were out on the streets longboarding all summer, the season now has definitely changed and the waves have now taken over. So I changed my 39′ Hoku Freerider Longboard for my 6’2″ short board. After my first good surf this winter I realized how much longboarding this summer has helped my surfing.

Practicing heelside and toeside slides all summer has improved my surf abilities quite a bit. Going out in the streets and put your hands on the pavement at a good speed does your surfing well.

Especially when it comes to throwing your tail against the lip it just feels like putting on a good slide. After all, I mostly learned to surf by applying my skateboard and snowboard techniques to a surfboard. Off course surfing is unique out of these 3 sports because you are practicing you sport in a ever changing environment.

So if you go out there to surf, remember to respect the ocean and the other people in the line up.



Nothing ever beats this feeling…

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