Our friends in Russia

Our friends in Russia

This summer I was in touch with some guys in Moscow that were super stocked on our brand and on our boards. Maxim from Moscow told me that longboarding is just starting in Russia and there there are already a hand full of riders that know how to charge on a longboard. We then sent some boards his way so he and his friends could try them out and do some races with it.  They were super happy with the boards and as it turns out they are also charging pretty hard with the boards.

I just now received some pictures from Slava a friend of Maxim charging on our Downhill board the „Mahalo“.

Check them out on instagram @longbordist I am sure we will see more cool pictures from our crew in Russia.

Try to read this:  Отправлено из мобильной Яндекс.Почты



Slava and Max

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