Toe side slide


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Toe side slide

The probably easiest slide on your Longboard is the toe-side or back side slide. As you become more and more comfortable with your speed, it is essential to master at least one slide for safety reasons. How else are you going to slow your self down or come to a full stop other than sliding?

The most important thing in this slide like in any other slide is to keep your center of gravity low.

Step 1: Set your self up for a backside turn and start crouching down.

Step 2: As you start your backside carve put your hands on the floor.

Step 3: Now that you have full contact with your gloves on the street, start pushing your feet out into the direction you are going.

Step 4: Let gravity do the work for you and let the board slide as far as your initial speed allows you. (You could stop here and just let the board slide out, until you stop)

NOTE: As you become more comfortable with the position you are in, you can start to practice to push the board back into the direction you are going and stand up again. If you are too slow you won’t be able to get back on your feet.

Step 5: As you are sliding, start pushing your front foot out a bit harder, this will turn the board back into the original position and your hands will come closer to the board.

Step 6: Push your self back up on your feet and practice one more time.


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